Wednesday, August 3, 2011

a life well lived is a life well spent

i thank the lord today for the life i live
for the priviledges i have to live a life for him
to serve him, to praise him
in so many areas of the world people are struggling and dying
in my side of the fence, i am rich even though i lack
because so much of what i have is luxury to billions of people today
and i am grateful for the little blessings of every day that make my life
it's not perfect
but it's blessed
it's only a reflection of a redeemed life
a life that God has chosen to use
not because im any better than others
but because he chose me
and because i answered that call and
walk everyday fighting the good fight
fighting myself to be His entirely
to surrender me to become more like him
learning that although i cant always have what i want
my Lord gives me more than I deserve
and that is love indeed...

my trip this past weekend was just an expression
of his love for me, by giving me the opportunity
to do what i am called to do as a follower of jesus
and that is worship and praise Him
thank you God for giving me the special priviledge
to sing beautiful melodies to you, to share you with others through music

enjoy some photos from our concert on saturday
be blessed!

"a life well lived is simply a compilation of days well spent" - Douglas Pagels


  1. nice poem, it will really help me with my day...

    and great photos! =D

  2. It sounds like you had a blast in Jersey.

    oh and, that quote speaks volumes my friend!

  3. Jen, you are an AMAZING writer! Your love for the Lord is so apparent and it's a joy reading :) have a blessed day!

  4. Beautiful beautiful! Keep soaking up those blessings! xoxo


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