Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Guest Post: today is a gift that's why it's called the present

 While I'm gone, I've asked my friend Ana (like really real friend, we tweet, text and have met) to guest post and be my first guest poster ever. Enjoy!

Hi friends,

I am Ana Magdalena from The World Through My Eyes, It's such an honor to be guest posting for my friend Jennifer while she is away in Ecuador. When she asked me to guest post about a life lesson, I had a hard time deciding on a topic. The past year has been a year of tremendous growth in every aspect of my life, it's funny how making small changes can have such a big impact in one's life, and because changes take place one step at a time, I want to discuss just one word.

Life lesson: Learning the true meaning of the word present

Ever since I was a teenager, I spent too much time between the future and the past. I used to daydream or worry about the future. I spent countless hours reliving the past, and feeling like I was just a numb passenger in my own life.
The word present is defined as a moment or period in time perceptible as intermediate between past and future; now.

We have been raised in a culture where people are only taught to embrace the good, the good, and only the good. Truth is, we must learn to love life as it is, as it has been given to us. We must be thankful for every happy and unhappy moment.

The first step into becoming a happier and better version of me was accepting everything that the present has given me. Everything including happiness, sadness, good times, and bad ones.

Embracing each moment as if it's my last one changed my world.
After learning that the present (in what ever form it comes) really is a gift, and that now is my time, I became the one and only legitimate driver of my life. And, that is a feeling I will cherish. Forever.

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  1. you guys are just the best. to see ana on here is a beautiful thing. thank you for your powerful post. i love how you said you are a "driver of your life." what a beautiful thought. so many are just passengers:)


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