Friday, July 1, 2011

reasons why i love my youth group "kids"

they are fashionable

they know how to have fun and understand that being silly, it's ok some times

and they, above all, love Jesus and because of it listen to me share him every Friday
 which is not easy to do

Thanks to all of you for
being wonderful.
You are inspiration to me! 

ps: i'll be in Boston this weekend doing what i love -- singing-- let me know if you are around. would love to meet!


  1. Dear Jennifer,

    The kids are so blessed to have you, and you are so blessed to have them =). I am so glad we get to have fellowship with others in Christ.

    I love the photos of your youth group, and I want to hear you sing! Could you please, please post it somewhere and let me know?

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  2. Hi Anna,

    thank you! you are right it's so wonderful to be able to have fellowship with others. And by the way, there are so many more wonderful kids who are not shown... they are truly awesome!

    You can listen to my music by going to the music journey tab, there's a link to our facebook page there. you can listen to music, but beware, our music is in Spanish but you'll recognize some comtemporary english songs!


  3. Have fun in boston! Where are you singing?

  4. Wahoo! Fun in Boston! And... how cool are those kids! I love your youth group kids! Fashionable indeed!

  5. love all of these :) love your hair too!

  6. Super cute post!

  7. cute post!

    I know I have told you this too many time but you have the voice of an angel, I have listening to your CD nonstop!

    It was awesome meeting you :)


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