Tuesday, July 5, 2011

good fun in new england - boston part 1

So here's what i call a short recap...

on saturday i traveled to Boston on a never ending flight of 3 long hours. let me tell you, not even my books helped. or the expensive coffee and water. what is it with airlines these days. nothing is free any more? geez.

sunday, jp and i got up early to head to Leon de Juda Church (Lion of Judah). We worshipped there for two services and i was blown away by the quality of the church and the great people. then later that evening we visited another church for our final service of the day. we met so many great people and were seriously blown away by how the lord used us.

after the first service, a beautiful girl approached me and i knew immediately it was sweet Ana from World Through My Eyes! I had left her a note about my trip knowing she is was in the area and she agreed to come see us at the church.

Ana is as sweet looking as her pictures depict and she is such a kind soul. She even brought me a gift that somehow was the perfect fit for me. a set of 3 journals. she must know i love to write. for a first blogger meet up this was GREAT! we clicked right away and the awkwardness of meeting someone for the first time was not there at all. it was like we were soul sisters. we discovered that we have more in common than we thought. it's so awesome to put faces and smiles and real life discussions to the friends we meet in blog world. thank you Ana for coming to see me and for being a sweetheart! 

and if you are wondering, yes, i did enjoy some yummy clam chowder!


ps: i did celebrate the 4th in Boston, but i'll post on that tomorrow. hope you all had a great 4th!! 
oh by the way, the first photo of the city, i stole from jp.


  1. Jennifer, it was so much fun meeting you. We have to do this again next time you come into town.

    Ps: that clam chowder looks delicious!!

  2. Looks like you had a fun time =D That clam chowder looks A-mazing! Can't wait to hear more =)

  3. You are so beautiful! And I am so glad to know you had a wonderful time! I love Boston! Want to visit!

  4. How fun that you got to meet up with another blogger! Looks like your time in Boston was super fun. You look adorable in all the pics!


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