Thursday, June 2, 2011

the truth is...


some times
 you just gotta
 let go 
let God


  1. so simple yet so challenging :)
    this spiritual teaching is definitely at the core of what i believe and i definitely needed a reminder of that. thanks

  2. just found your blog and you are adorable! following for sure :)

  3. i love that photo! ive never quite figured out what that saying meant though.. i think it's a good and challenging concept but ive never quite figured out what it meant in practice... but you have a lovely blog xx

  4. @denise: thank you for coming by and leaving a comment. to me that phrase means surrender. I know that the Lord's plans and purposes are much better than what i can plan. so instead of fretting about the future or about not getting my way on certain things, which is very stressful, i choose to leave it up to Him to decide.

    in practice, it's just bringing through prayer everyday, surrender and practicing self control in whatever it is that im letting go. always fighting the thoughts and using god's word to encourage me. this is what ive been doing. this is definitely not an easy thing.

  5. So, so true. Perfect complementary photo.


  6. thank you so much for the comment...I actually love this quote you have and the picture is beautiful!! God bless.


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