Friday, June 3, 2011

NBA frenzy in my town

ok. so im not really all that into sports. and i apologize to some of you who really care less about this. but actually it's inevitable to turn a blind eye to the commotion. i mean people in my town are crowding restaurants by 6 when the game starts at 9. while driving,  flags and moving window messages distract the normal dullness of the traffic rush. from young to old, residents are begging to change the name of our town from dade to wade and apparently it's become normal to drive around honking and screaming in downtown. after midnight.  so, i apologize for writing about this. but i cant apologize for the basketball fever in my town. its stronger than you know and the risk of being on the opposition will get you killed. so i rather enjoy the short lived unity in our community. i tolerate the news reports, rants and hater attacks on my newsfeed. i give in to the championship parties, BBQs and outings. i mean thats what we are about here. eating. and who knows. maybe i'll give in a little and get paraphernalia to display my sudden affection for a group of men in shorts that i never took notice of until the time being. i think it's worth the while. after all this is my town and the fierce heat comes with the territory. 

p.s.: have a good weekend! are you doing anything special?
i'm excited to have a full weekend of singing in different events.
praise God for that.


  1. i am TOTALLY into sports..if by sports u mean eating finger food and watching fit attractive men on television being competitive. mmm.


  2. This is great. And I can definitely relate - I just moved from Boston where Bruins madness was in full-force. And I agree that it's better to enjoy short-lived unity and embrace all the good things that come with big sports games!

    Great blog!

    - S from Following the Walkers

  3. i'm not too much into it either, but i watched a little with robert last night. the lights! the sound! the action! i can certainly understand why people get crazed. midnight honking though? maybe a bit much:)

  4. Oh my goodness. Megan's comment just cracked me up. A friend of mine lived in a loft in downtown Indianapolis, and had to put up with two pro teams-the Colts (football), and the Pacers (basketball). It would drive her batty to have people doing exactly what you are describing, but she had to put up with it for the entire season whenever there were home games, or big games (the lofts were above 4 bar/restaurants).

    It is mania when sports, and more importantly, the fans are hyped up.


  5. lol nope! no sports for me. i used to do gymnastics but yea not anymore :) x


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