Tuesday, May 31, 2011

memorial day getaway


for my friends and i, it has become a tradition to head to the beach on memorial day. we always visit naples, florida, which is a good one and half hour drive. but it's worth it.

for me, this year was particularly special. i really needed to get away. 

i needed the sand to get comfortable between my toes and caress away traces of the long road traveled.

i needed to sit in the warmth of the day with a great book. finding and reconnecting with the thoughts i had abandoned a few pages back.

i needed to have fun laughs and enjoy using popular song melodies to make-up funny songs about my friends. including one about me and the obvious fact that i don't comb my hair.

i needed to drive those 3+ hours with my buddy caro next to me, letting the long road induce some great conversations, setting us on track after the many months of not enjoying her as I used too. 

i needed to feel me again. not the jen with the busy schedule. not the jen with a cd on sale. but just me. simple big hair girl with lots of hopes, the one with fears and doubts and even sin. the jen desperate to surrender herself to be made new. same girl, with better attitudes.

... here's a nice song that encouraged me today!


  1. I am so jealous of your Florida beaches.
    Beautiful photo :)

  2. sometimes it is soo nice to get away :) the beach looks beautiful!

  3. @Ana, i didnt take this photo, but it's exactly where i was and how it looked. beautiful place indeed. :)

  4. Glad you had a lovely time. One of my childhood bf's moved to Naples. Her parents said it was a beautiful area. Sure looks like it from your picture.


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