Thursday, May 26, 2011

album release week {recap}

I'm back!!
I've been out of blog world lately and I've truly missed you guys. Really.
But I must say the last week has been AMAZING.
God exceeded our expectations at our concert.
People have responded extremely well to the CD
we even sold shirts with our name on it!
But most importantly God moved and all the glory and credit was His.
We could have never done it without Him!
So without further a due, here's a little preview into our amazing week.

at our first radio interview

CDs arrived
concert begins

we shared about our ministry

dedicated our CD to the Lord
had a great time with friends!

vanessa here is actually another worshipper

it was definitely a blessed time!

thank you to all who supported us and came out to our concert.

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much love,


  1. That is so exciting. Thank you for sharing. So glad it all went well. Must have been a lot of fun for you to see those cds when they arrived.

  2. Amazing worship! You two have beautiful voices, and you are truly blessed!

    xx, Cassie

  3. what an awesome experience it must have been to pass your blessings to others via music!! let me know when you come to the new england region, I would love to attend to one of your concerts.

  4. Thats amazing! Congrats!

  5. how amazing! I wish you all the best with the band and a great future ^^ may I say your blog button is the cutest!? ^^ x

  6. Did I-tunes every pick you guys up? I checked a few days ago and still didn't see anything. Hope everything is still going fantastically, and hope you enjoy your day off today!

  7. I am going right now to listen and like and everything!


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