Thursday, March 31, 2011

pleasant surprise

This morning as I read through my blog list, I noticed that my friend Julie at Sunday Picnics had received an award. I was so excited for her and as I read through it, almost missed the fact that she had nominated me for the "one lovely blog award". woohoo! I was so excited to see her kindness in selecting me and my humble blog. Thank you Julie for thinking of me. You are such a sweetheart.

So here's the award and the rules for the award
The rules for the "One Lovely Blog Award" are:
1. You link and thank the blogger who awarded you
2. Copy-and-paste (or download and upload) the award into your own blog post–a teacup of roses!
3. Share seven things about yourself
4. Nominate up to fifteen other great bloggers
5. Comment on their blogs to let them know to come pick up their prize

Now here are seven, things about me... hope you enjoy them:

1. I have a degree in journalism.
2. On most days, I cant live without coffee. And I usually have to drink some after lunch. Weird habit.
3. I keep a journal and have since middle school. The collection is pretty big by now. It's lovely to go back and see some of the cute nonsense in my teen years.
4. I'm single and patiently waiting for the Godly man who will get to keep me forever. I use the word patiently loosely as some days it can be tough to wait.
5. I love to play with my hair and smell my curls... aah (of course I use sweet smelling hair products!)
6. I drive Lola the Corolla. Yes, I name my cars. (My last car was Philip, a neon).
7. My middle name is Aurora. I was named after my grandma, who I wish was still here and whose singing voice I inherited (or so I hear). Normally I don't share it, but it has such a beautiful meaning.

And my lovely nominees are:


  1. thanks, lovely lady! looking forward to responding. these are so fun!

  2. you're welcome ♥!

    #6 I've named my car Homer lol, idk why. But I love Lola the Corolla!
    #7, I didn't know about your middle name! that's beautiful :)

  3. I LOVE your middle name, that is so beautiful!
    I, too, name my cars :) My mini coopers name is "Cleopatra comin' atcha" ;)
    I want to start a journal, other than my blog. You have inspired me. Thanks!

  4. Aww honey thank you! You crack me up. I name my cars, too. The current one is "el burro" (the donkey), and I drove a neon (many moons ago). I loved that little car. I bought it brand new off the lot, and didn't know how to drive shift. It became quite interesting. Anyhow, thanks for the nomination. I will work on that.

    Much love,


  5. congrats! love coffee too. funny enough i only really really need it monday to friday. on weekends i can go without but it's more of a social thing isn't it? let's meet for coffee...


    i think we were meant to be friends... that is hilarious.


  7. i think that you have a lovely blog! congrats on being nominated.

  8. @MBL: "el burro" --> I love it!

    @Emily: I love your car's name. so fierce! Mini Coopers will always be in my dream car list.

    @M: :)

    @jelly beans: I need coffee all the time, even as a social thing. :)

  9. Congrats on the award!
    And I named my car as well. It's called Spider...don't ask me why. I have NO idea. It somehow made its way into my brain 6 years ago and the name stuck.


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