Wednesday, January 23, 2013

here's a recipe idea

i cant say i am big on cooking but i really want to be. my family is known for cooking great meals.  we are caribbean people with a passion for rice, beans, plantains and well-seasoned food. i mean garlic, cilantro, and spices. and meats are a big part of our diet.

on my end, i  like meat and respect in some sort of way. i don't like it too much and to be honest i feel so much better, health wise, without too much of it. i've even considered going vegetarian.

for the last few weeks i've been doing a vegan fast at my church. it's been challenging but it has also helped me to  get creative with meals and to seek out how to eat better. oh how i miss eggs. and cheese. which leads me to say that if i ever go meatless, i wouldn't go vegan. i need me an omelette in my life.

not too long ago when i started to go the route of more natural eating and less meats, i bought this magazine that has become my healthy eating bible. Good & Fresh from Better Homes and Gardens.  it was a special edition and you may not find it anymore. i have found myself drooling over the pages and trying different, easy to make dishes various times in the last 5 months.

i'm sorry to say that i am not ready to post recipe pictures, it's not pretty, but once i get it down i will surely share the goods.

but i do want to share one of  my favorite recipes so far.

Indian Garbanzo Bean Salad with Pitas

ps: what makes this is the dressing. the recipe includes the dressing instructions.

pps: ok, i know you may need some convincing on the drooling part and so i took a picture of the picture (i know somewhere i must have broken a blogger rule). there was just no good photo to compare to it on google. so i apologize.


  1. that sounds AND looks amazing! xoxo

  2. mmm! looks yummy =) I too have considered cutting out meat from my diet... but I cave in every time. Sometimes this girl just needs a good steak!


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