Wednesday, March 7, 2012

little big miracles

last Saturday after our worship concert - headed to celebrate JP's birthday

The best way to live Christianity is to live a life that daily reflects his power in our life. And that doesn’t mean that we are necessarily walking around and flashes of light and thunder happen (which is possible and cool J) but I mean that the joy of the lord is evident in our faces. That we should live a life of little miracles that are only possible through him

Like you are praying for a specific thing you wanted and then you get it.

Like you say a prayer and ask God that you really need something to be at the store because you only have so much time. You get to the store and the item you needed is there with specifications and all. And as an added perk, it’s very affordable. 

Then you all of sudden you get three invitations to worship internationally with your worship band, all in one week’s time. 

These little miracles only reflect a God that honors his people when they choose to obey him and do what he asks of them. 

I am grateful for the mercy of my father over my life. But I am also aware that “to those to whom much is given, much is required” 


I want to daily be made ready to surrender 
more and more of myself. 


  1. I rejoice with you sister! Praise God for those miracles, I'm sooo happy for you

    1. thanks pretty lady... i hope i make it to your city one day... <3

  2. Congrats on the three invitations, I can't wait to follow your journey via this blog of yours ;)

    1. thanks Ana! I plan to go up North some time soon, i will let you know. hopefully it's near you :)


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