Thursday, January 5, 2012

things i learned in 2011

the past year is gone, but the lessons i learned still linger. i want to highlight a few of them here.

1. when one door closes another opens.
2. sometimes two doors open and you need lots of guidance to make the best choice.
3. when you work hard doing something you love,  2 hours of sleep feel like 8.
4. there are still generous people in the world (the kind the gift you tons of money just because they are nice and believe in your dream! -- not kidding!).
5. friendships will go through major trials, but if they are united by real love, they will remain and be stronger.
6. the art of making coffee allows for great friendships to be made.
7. it's ok to keep personal matters to yourself, but it's not good to be so closed that you explode. sharing struggles helps. find a good person to do that with.
8. the older i get, the younger and prettier i feel. good counter attack to aging.
9. heart break, pain, trials all come with a purpose. to make us stronger. better. beautiful inside & out.
10. when you accomplish great success through hard work, family that rejected you, come back and realize how amazing you've turned out. it's a great feeling.
11. letting go is the hardest thing in the world, but it's also the best thing in the world. sorry can't explain it. it is what it is.


  1. That is an amazing list of lessons to have learned. Happy 2012 =) x

  2. lol! I agree with you on #6! =D

  3. it really is. i was amazed after i started writing the list. but indeed, the lord allowed me to learn a ton last year.

    xoxo ladies and happy 2012

  4. Sounds like you gained much wisdom last year! Super cute blog, btw:)

    1. Andrea I forgot to add to this list that wisdom comes at a great price. Im still learning... Its a daily thing. :)


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