Thursday, January 26, 2012

life lessons & true hope

in life we'll always have that person or persons tho keep us in check.
to point us back to places of improvement. to remind us that we are not yet perfect.
to show us where we can be humbled. where we can be more like Christ.
to higlight our weaknesses.

but there is one who is greater, who signals, with love.
the only one with authority over our life.
he judges and heals.
he loves us and corrects us.
he sees the brokenness in our heart.
he sees the potential masterpiece.
he is never too hard and always too loving.

he will make us humble
he will allow suffering and discomfort
but his promise of sufficient grace
will never cease
and in the weariness. in the trial. we will be victorious.
because his grace is enough. his love endures forever.
his care is beyond all human care
and his power is mighty to save.


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