Tuesday, January 31, 2012

i'm kinda dancing around lately in the business of life.
it's grabbed me by the hand, swinging me side to side.
it often feels like it's a great side to side twist, sort of deal,
which i enjoy, but other times it twirls me way too much, way too fast.
it makes me a little sick.

the year started like that for me. a soft hopeful dance of two partners with equal wants. the new year desiring an endearing love fest of successes and me hopeful to make this year better than last. perfect balance indeed. but with a month of this "1,2,3 Cha-cha-chá" almost fully in our back packet, our hopeful dance is beginning to look like a small jog.

life is precious in all it's way. i should know. i've never experienced too many awful things without the equal balance of good in them at the end or even in between.

it's not that im complaining. it's not that im not enjoying my love fest with 2012, but it's just surprisingly going faster than i planned. i'm doing so much more than i hoped and plans and adventures are all tossed in this mix of tunes.

im taking the chance with this dance unto the unknown. tea in hand. some greens and some chicken too. cause a girl has got to be healthy. a few good books lined up. a potentially promising music career. more rewards through my work. and, of course, lessons that i can't even begin to predict.

im just satisfied to know that i feel equipped for this dance. i've wobbled enough to know not to fall or how to hold on to avoid it. and looking in the mirror i see a smile. a gorgeous girl in her happy medium. i see some anxieties and other things that stick around too. but overall i see a happy woman. happy to know she's growing older, but wiser. dancing along with life, carefully, and letting time decide it's tempo, prepared to Cha-cha-chá or to do a vals. it's all good in this dance. it's alright in this life.


  1. your blog (and your heart) is beautiful!




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