Thursday, January 12, 2012

i miss her...

this is my youngest niece.
she loves being photographed.
and for this little session, she decided to show me her baby picture.
im so glad i was able to get this little shoot of her with my handy app on my phone.
it's such a great memory for her and my sister.
isn't she adorable?

funny story:
she thinks im dora.
my sister calls me on random nights because she wants to talk to dora.
dora the explorer. who lives in the tv set.
i mean this kid has an obsession with her.
there are films gallore.
numerous outfits and toys
that fill her room.
it's like a dora shrine.
the only thing missing, a real life dora to speak to.
that's where i come in.
[i make a good impression of her voice too.]

see why i miss her?
this picture always makes me feel like she is saying
"I miss you too"
while she is pointing.

why can't new york be closer?


  1. oh Jennifer, she is too precious for words! What a sweet little smile she has! xoxo

    1. She really is. Her smile, her eyes... And she just loves hugging on people. Wait till your little boy starts walking... :)

  2. Aw, she is such a sweetie! I love that she brought out the baby pic! :)

    1. Me too... It took me by surprised.
      Btw, jen, I love following you on twitter :)


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