Saturday, December 31, 2011

a pleasant farewell

with a simple but yet beautiful sunrise (see above), i began the journey of 2011. with great expectations and wonderful promises, i took on the challenge of walking the uncharted territories of the new year. with time i learned that just as the lord told me through Ecclesiastes 9:11, this was my year of opportunity.

when we think of opportunity, it may sound as if it's always a positive, fun, bewildering chance to do something amazing, for our own good. And many times this is the case, but it can also depict a chance, a moment, a season, a few minutes of suffering, for an amazing result. i perhaps did not assume that the lord intended suffering when he spoke of opportunity, but nonetheless, as i walked through the seasons of 2011 i experienced perfect days of balanced cool and sunlight, and those of heavy rains, hail and persistent wind. sometimes for days at a time. and although i could not always explain it, many times it felt like it was raining while the sun was still shining. a perfect combination of amazing result and fervent suffering.

my land of opportunity, 2011, will cease to exist at the strike of midnight, but the lasting changes caused by each experience it afforded me has only begun its course in my life. nothing that i endured, celebrated or cried for is wasted matter, rather all of it has come together to make this puzzle complete, to give sense and sensibility to what it means to grow in character and worth.

i would not change any of it, even the most fearful and trying moments because i look back today and see that the young girl who started this path, 365 days ago, was merely just an infant in comparison to the woman of faith, worth and love she is today.

with much enthusiasm i wait for 2012, unafraid and rejoicing for the chance of new experiences and the opportunity to grow an inch or two. but most importantly i look forward to great discoveries, amazing stories, great novels and books to read, passionate experiences with my lord and victories over battles. i'm ready.

happy new year friends and thank you so much for walking beside me, by way of this blog, throughout 2011. i hope you'll stick around in the new year and inspire me some more as i grow, endure and overcome.


  1. perfect words for today, thank you as always for your inspiration

  2. Happy new year ! I like so much what you wrote ,
    it's the right way to step into a new year .

    following each other ?
    Please let me know . I'll follow back


  3. Ciao,
    I wish that the sun will shine on everybody life



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