Tuesday, December 6, 2011

"the crown of creation"

i read that when god created women, we are like the crown of creation and that we are wondefully gifted creatures. there's so much we can do... we are beautiful, multi-taskers, and a man needs us. woman means great help (as i recall), we are their perfect help. and that was so encouraging to me to learn that potential and how it became distorted after the fall. women became instead of the help for the man, demanding, controlling, naggers... and some even losing their femininity. and because of the fall women also lost their worth or the understanding of their worth,
and that need for affirmation was made in their hearts.

as women it is natural of us to desired to be loved, but only the lord god can bring that affirmation and so women, we get lost if we didnt receive that care and affirmation in our childhood/adolescent years, 
and later are desperately seeking that in men or other things.

and i also learned that jesus longs to fill that void,
that he is desperate to be that lover for us.

the bible speaks of our relationship with jesus in different levels of relationship.
like father to child, like master to servant, like groom and wife.
and the latter is the best and most intimate,
that he loves us in that level and wants to spend time with us as husband to a wife knocks me off my feet. he cares enough for us to want to meet even those longings in our heart. that realization reached deep for me, to know that his love goes so deep that he can really meet every necessity in our hearts, it blows me away.

and not only that, but that fact that
he wants to romance us like a man romances a woman, he is passionate for us,
he is in a desperate pursuit for our attention...
and when we come to fall in love with him, fall for him as our husband, something awakens in us,
 that dependence on him, that love, that beauty, that joy...

because when we let him love on us like that, our true beauty and feminity awakens.

there's no better feeling than being romanced by the lover of my soul, jesus.

where are you in this stage? have you been able to let jesus love you like no other can?
sometimes, this may transcribe as only single women need to have this total dependence on jesus,
but from what im learning, a woman will not be able to be successful in her marriage if she doesnt find her fulfillment and identity in christ first.
and only he can affirm us, make us feel loved, beautiful, worth it
in a way that would change us forever...

this something i am living and learning and putting to practice...
i would love to hear how others have come to full acceptance of themselves in christ.

ps: two things to check out that have helped me in this process:
1. this book. -- most of my thoughts here, come from here. this book has helped change me.
2. this blog. -- read the whole thing, start from day one, seriously, you'll see why i couldnt stop reading it.


  1. As soon as I started reading, I recognized that the basis for these thoughts came from Captivating. That is an AWESOME, life changing, and very necessary book for all women to read! My husband gave me that book when we were dating, and it was such a blessing. I agree with you completely, we must first learn to love Jesus and find herself as a whole and complete person through HIM instead of anyone else. People will let you down, but HE will not!

  2. Jennifer! You are a DEAR. Thank you so much. So glad we can connect through our blogs. So happy to have you reading. Have a wonderful week.

    XO, Mara {A Blog About Love}

  3. aaah you are the best,and this post was one of my favorites of yours. a girl in my college bible study used to schedule dates with jesus, where she would just be alone and silent with God, and i loved that idea. we can never be the perfect half for our mates unless we are whole in our relationship with Christ. you've said it so, so wonderfully here. i want to read Captivating now!

  4. Scout that book surely blessed my life. I have been able to see so much of what i needed to restore in myself after reading it... and it has helped me correct things and draw closer to jesus as my all.

    Mara, im blushing cause you came by my blog. all i've done this week is read yours. so inspiring!!

    Courtney, thanks for that. im just keeping it real, writing about what god is doing in me. And you should totally read captivating!


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