Monday, December 26, 2011

celebrating together

Christmas with my family this year was special. I really enjoyed the weekend with my fam. Bonding with my dad and walking together, and chatting really felt special. I really love this time of year because it brings us together.
Family and friends gathered on Christmas Eve for a great dinner, dancing (I didn't do any of that, i ate too much to move) and then opening presents.
My dad is such a sweetie. While my step-mom was at work, he cooked most of the dinner. I tried helping him, but cooking is his favorite thing to do and he likes to do it his way. I don't mind letting him do it. I take care of the dirty dishes, one of the things I like to do for some odd reason.
My twins looked adorable as usual. I think they get it from their older sister, don't you? They are so grown up and for me, coming home this Christmas, to see their maturity and their growth as young adults was a great gift. I am proud of them.
By midnight, as we traditionally do, we set to tear up the presents. This is my step-mom's favorite thing to do. She sits by the tree and shouts the name of the person whose gift it is, claps, screams with joy and does it for every gift, even when we are worn out by the 100th gift.
Christmas was definitely special this year. There's no place like home and there's no better feeling than that embrace of family, even if you want to murder them in between dinner parties. But that's what families are all about.


  1. Oh darling, your dress is lovely!

    Merry Christmas, it looks like you'd a blast :)

  2. Thanks Ana. It was a great evening. I really enjoyed time with my family. Hope your Christmas was great.


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