Tuesday, November 8, 2011

my weekend at camp

my body still aches from the effects of an amazing weekend at camp.
our annual camp did not disapoint. not only did we have amazing fun,
but we also had amazing moments in the lord's presence.
he really embraced us with his love and adoration. we felt so loved by him.
his ways are so beautiful. i felt his hand holding me close. i felt his encouraging love.
and he affirmed me so strongly in the moments that i needed it most.
he surely loves us. he is surely good. he is surely faithful when we choose him above all.

seeing the pictures takes me back
how sore my legs are, takes me back
it takes me back to those long hours standing up
those hours of me in the kitchen, making grilled cheese, pasta, ribs (for the first time)
and it takes me back to worshiping the lord with all my heart
and seeing young people worship him with the utmost desire for more
and our hearts connected
we became one
and as camp arise came to an end sunday afternoon
we were all convinced that this had been the best weekend of our year
and that there was nothing more we wanted
but to go back there
to meet with god, eat smores
and run like crazy.


  1. Bonfires are the best at camp! =D Looks like you had a fun, relaxing time!

  2. Pao in boots!! whoa!! lol I so wish I could have been there, but am happy to hear the wonderful things that occured.

  3. it looks like all of you had a blast, camps are so refreshing!

  4. This looks like too much fun! I was a youth leader in college and campouts with them were the best time :) I loved the pictures you posted, and I could definitely feel the love! How wonderful it is to have pure fellowship with others that you'll see in heaven someday!!


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