Thursday, October 13, 2011

shaken by the brokenness of the world

when i saw this video i was shaken and compelled
and it moved me to do more for the hurting
the world deserves more of me, of us.

and my work, though little, can make a difference
for the last 6 years the lord has allowed me to be involved in humanitarian and evangelical work,
but from the offices

i've been able to be a support team for missionaries and on-field people
that everyday give their all to help the underprivileged
and to share jesus with them

when i feel like ive done so little,
i am reminded of the many reports of the people falling in love with christ
and hearing of the many people, who although had never heard the gospel,
risk their life to watch a film about his sacrifice
they gather in masses
sit in a uncomfortable chair
without a good sound system or projector for that matter
and they meet jesus -- and love him

their faith is so grand in comparison to mine

they dont have the opportunity to worship freely. they lack religious freedom.
they dont have a nice comfortable, air-conditioned church to fellowship.
they meet in house churches, and many lack structure.
they dont have resources, testimonies and videos such as these.
their information is limited and censored by their government.
they dont have big conferences with prominent speakers and big worship bands
they barely have bibles.

and although they lack so much, from the little they have, they've blessed the elderly
they tell me how they collect clothes, food, money to bless the people who really need help
how the women's group goes out and aids the sick, prays for the elderly, and do it two by two
and how their joy, even in the mist of desperate measures, is really of God

and all this hits me and i feel so blessed to know them
and although i may be the one involved in providing the resources to assist them
they are the ones truly transforming me and making my life better

what are you doing for the world?
do what you can,
even a little, goes a long way.


  1. Ahhhh!!! Missions... My heart yearns to be on the missions field, but I know I'm not ready yet. Please be praying for me :-)

  2. videos like this one make my heart swell and remind me that i am sooo fortunate and lucky for my blessings.

    there's so much to be done,


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