Tuesday, October 11, 2011

little man. big heart. questionable camera skills

i've been wanting to share great photos on here
so i decided to hire someone to do the work for me
since most of you out there have a gorgeous hubby doing it for you
i opted for the cutest man in my life.

meet the photographer.
he is 5 and about 40lbs
and possibly less than 3 feet tall
(i have no clue really!)
but definitely half my size.

as you can see his work is quite impressive.
but then we got into some problems

after 500 photos taken
(which is what you need in order to get a good one!)
he decided he wanted to go back to his old job
(whatever it is 5-year-olds do)

and left me on my own

and im doing a darn good job

i'm not sure this is going to work out!


  1. haha! who needs a man to do a woman's job anyway:-) He is pretty darn cute though! xoxo

  2. aw but what a sweetie pie! i'd take off center pictures any day to work with such a precious face:)

  3. What happened to his musical career?

  4. i think he is still persuing that John. he actually said he will be firing me from Kairos so he could be the lead singer with JP. hmmm :)


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