Wednesday, September 14, 2011

things i've learned = travel edition

ive missed you all, really.
ive been here and there and everywhere. 
but i think im staying put for awhile and im looking forward to it.
while going from one plane to another
i've learned that:

there's nothing more exciting than...
visiting new places.
being home after visiting new places.
making new friends.
sharing about god with those new friends.
encouraging friends.
drinking my home made coffee.
a home cook meal.
sleeping in my own bed.
shopping while traveling.
eating at local eateries in new places.
taking pictures of everything. with a new camera.
in flight entertainment.
taking pictures of all the meals i ate while traveling.
eating way too much.
room service.

there's nothing fun about...
doing piles of laundry.
folding piles of laundry.
dealing with undone tasks waiting at your desk.
travel delays.
baggage fees.
high altitude sickness.
hurricanes catching up with your travel plans.
forgotten items.
running out of toothpaste.
going back to work after too much fun.


  1. Coming home is a great feeling, isn't it? Well, besides the piles of laundry needed to be cleaned =)

  2. I've missed you. Its so nice to see how God is moving through Kairos. You've blossomed into an amazing woman of God :-)


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