Friday, September 16, 2011

so what do you do when living your dream and everything is not perfect?

i am so grateful that i get to live my dream and serve my lord at the same time.
everyday is an incredible experience of opened doors. miraculous signs. lives touched.
and things that i never perceived happening coming to fruition.
but even in the midst of this, one finds something to complain about. one feels surrounded by dismay.

so i am convicted today, as i feel and whine about the rough moments in the midst of the great moments.
i whine because for one minute or two i forget that nothing i could ever do is about me or even for me.
i complain about a few struggles because i forget that my lord's purpose doesn't always involve my comfort, but my growth and his glory through that growth.

and today as i am convicted, i seek my lord's joy in each moment of desperation or longing for what's not yet to come. i seek to embrace the minutes of greatness that he is allowing me to live. i seek for god's blinkers to focus my view, to straigthen out my goals, to have my vision directed only to where he wants.
and directed to the good of today, without being distracted with the bad of tomorrow.

and to help, this weekend i get to enjoy home.
home at last.


  1. I don't say things like this lightly, but reading this post today was God-ordained... I could've written them myself, but I'm so overwhelmed words aren't coming. Thank you for your honesty.... and for the follow!

  2. I had no idea that you sang!!! How wonderful that you're getting to live out your dream! You look AMAZING up there beltin your heart out!!


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