Tuesday, September 27, 2011

oh, rainy day, i think i like you

it's raining here today. and there's something about rain. that makes you tender, soft-hearted. wanting to stay in bed. under candlelight, reading a good book, listening to a good tune. but instead, this morning, i woke up in the dawn hours to cuddle with my lord. reading his sweet word, letting it caress my heart. encouraging me, assuring me. i've never felt more beautiful than in his loving arms. i've never felt more secure then when his silence whispers he loves me. and today, in my dark room, my heart lit up in silence as i asked him to search me and renew me. he touched me with his mighty hand, but only enough to not consume me. and as the rain fell this morning, i felt his joy. i felt his tears of unconditional love for his people falling over the grass, the pavement, reminding us of his hurting heart, but yet a loving one. as i drove and still lingered on his touch, the rainbow in the sky was right ahead. i drove under it. and the wave of cars could not distract me from the message above me. he loves me, he loves us. he is a big, amazing god, who loves us, and never fails.


  1. Rainy days are THE BEST! Such a beautiful post!

  2. yes they are! thanks Natalie for stopping by :)

  3. ahh, reading about all this rain is making me miss Seattle! this message is beautiful!
    xo TJ


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