Tuesday, August 23, 2011

my heart cries out

by anna szczekutowicz
Lord you are amazing. i am mesmerized every time when i see your hand at work in me, when i see answered prayers, when i feel your mercy. i am shocked without description. i am full of joy because of your love. oh your grace. you are amazing god. my heart cries out with gratitude. thank you for accepting me, for keeping me close. i desperately need more. i desperately want more of your peace, your comfort and serenity. i don't have all the answers and i want to learn to be patient as i wait for your will, your way in my life. teach me to be patient, to give up to you even the things i care for the most, even if it's hard. 
i know, i know your promises are better than anything else.
i want to do and accomplish your will for me, help my unbelief.

My soul longs for you
My soul longs for you
come like the rain
i believe you will come
like the rain
so, let it rain...


  1. beautiful. the echos of my heart's cry. thank you for writing and sharing this.

  2. beautifully said!

    ps: your page looks great, I love the about me section :)

  3. Lovely post!
    Loving the picture too.

    Abigail x


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