Monday, July 11, 2011

monday is a lovable guy

if monday was a person, he would be so depressed. everyone hates him. and is it his fault that he happens to
come after sunday, that guy everyone loves? it's not. and it's not even right for him to be hated or despised.
monday is actually a really good guy. every time he comes around, he marks a beginning. a new beginning.
it's a new day. a new week. a new chance to get right what maybe was done wrong the last one. it's another week in which you get to breathe. a new work week. that's a blessing indeed. and if you have a job this monday, chances are you have more than billions of people around the world. the poorest of people probably dont even realize that there's a difference between days. all they do is strive to survive. and every new dawn just speaks survival. it speaks war against their circumstance. and another day of figthing for hope.
im not saying i am guit-free from disliking when monday comes around. but the guy deserves a chance.


  1. This is a good reminder, and a pretty important one to keep in mind. You speak the truth. I'm going to stop complaining now!

  2. I had the interesting experience of not worrying about time nor days when I went on the mission trip to CR; except the day I had to leave :(. I wore no watch nor had a cell phone on me. I let the chant of the kids saying "breakfast is ready" or "lunch is ready" be my time keeper. When you truly enjoy life, mondays can be just as great as any other!


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