Sunday, June 12, 2011

things i've learned = weekend edition

this weekend has been fun.
and it has allowed me to experience and learn different things.
so i decided to make this fun list again. so here we go.
this weekend i learned that:

1. being in a cruise for the first time, is not so bad. especially if it's not moving.
2. just because a meal is referred to as gourmet, it does not mean it's good.
3. i really love the kids in the youth group i lead. even if they drive me crazy.
4. changing things up in a routine, actually yields good results. it worked with my youth group on friday, although they did raise some complaints. 
5. shopping for jeans is very hard, especially if the store tricks you by shrinking the jeans and making them a double digit size. hmm
6. a bridal shower is best enjoyed with a great group of friends and delicious cupcakes. seriously. i can take them on every saturday.
7. worshiping the Lord with other youth in your city, even if they go to other local churches, is beautiful, powerful and brings unity in the body of Christ.
8. i really love hot dogs. and i can eat more than one in one sitting. yikes. maybe that explains #5.
9. unless you use a filter in coffee maker, it will not produce good coffee. trust me. you'll feel cheated when only half the amount of water you put in can actually get through. phew. that wont happen again.
10. guava cheesecake actually exists. and it's good. and costco sells it. go. you must try it.

ps: read pt 1 and 2


  1. Guava cheesecake?! Yum!

    I have never been on a cruise and have very bad sea-sickness. I'm pretty sure I won't feel it as much on a cruise ship though.

    Glad to know you had a great weekend! :)

    Missing Amsie Blog

  2. sounds like you had a good weekend :) ive never been on a cruise before. my parents have tho. they went without me! :p

  3. What a good weekend! I know what you mean about being a youth leader. Kids are fantastic, and teens can cause you to learn a lot yourself -- even if you do roll your eyes at their behavior sometimes. :-)

  4. lovely post and that cake in number 10 sounds tasty...


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