Monday, June 20, 2011

things forgotten

so we are midyear. honestly this year flew by, at least for me. it's like where did january go?
and with it went my, well some, of my goals for the year.
some of my money too.
you know when you go into a store and you see an item you must have.
you are not sure for what purpose.
but, you somehow find all the ways to excuse your way into getting it.
sometimes, your reasons are pretty good too.
convincing enough to order immediately in case they run out.
im sure you all know what i mean.
it happens to us often.
especially with excercise machines.
yes, i know. i can hear your hmms in wonder.
i did get an excersice machine. and to my surprise i even wrote it on my personal journal
to remind me the exact date.
i saw it today.
and it's been 3 months.
and well....
let's just say, we are not very acquainted.
just like im not acquainted with the real-nice-keyboard-i-desperately-needed that i got.... a good while back.
[enter sighs and deep breaths]
does this happen to you too?

i once heard a preacher who spoke about the forgotten new year resolutions. and how some people, instead of picking up at any time, would feel like they had to start next year. and he mentioned how perplexed he was by that thought as he spoke about how God's timing is not necessarily measured by
beginnings or endings of the year.
and that is so comforting because i know that with Christ i could pick up right now if i want.
and he is there awesome and welcoming.
and he wont reject me for not keeping up with my goals and he wont tell me to wait till next year.
he'll tell me to pick up my cross {right now, wherever i am in this place and time} and to keep walking. in his path.

and by this i am encouraged, to pick up my little excercise machine and get back on track. work out and grab a hold of that good-health routine i so yearn to have.

have you gotten off track with your goals? grab a hold of them. dont wait for next year.



  1. the year really flew by! i also have an exercise machine, but i do use it or try to use it! lol
    about your comment, i do speak some spanish! i took a spanish course when i was younger, and even though i've forgotten most of the vocab, i remember the basic stuff! lol

  2. fabulous inspiration. my big goal this year was to read more books. do you think i've completed even one novel? nope. i have about seven half-read ones sitting around. and it's not that i don't have the time...i've got plenty until school picks back up. i just can't bring myself to complete one. but thanks to you, sweet friend, that might all change this week!

  3. thank you for the encouragement. this year has definitely flown by. i am now stressing about moving. are lease is up in december and already i am getting anxiety over packing etc. i just have to be calm and let God take over.

  4. I'm glad you found new motivation to get going again! We really should have a New Year's Day part 2 in June, haha.

  5. i reaaaaaaaalllllyyy should start riding the health train too..


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