Tuesday, June 7, 2011

a smell so sweet

here's one of the perks of living in the sunshine state. tropical fruits.  this sweet batch sits in my kitchen, enamoring me with it's scent. i try to walk away, but the scent is so intense. i turn around. admire it's radiant color. smell it once again. and it's gone. oh the sweet flavor. it takes me back to my childhood.  even before i met the states. when we climbed trees to retrieve this precious fruit. it takes me back to the pleasure i felt when as i child i ran under the rain and drank the water from heaven while it fell on my face. it had the sweetest taste. just like this mango. and together these two memories paint my childhood summers. full of innocent fun. tree-climbing. enjoying delicious and colorful fruits and playing hide and seek in the dark. oh the summer nights. years later, my passion for this fruit still remains, giving me a connection with my past. with cherished memories of growing up. and it connects me with the town that gave me life. oh the sweet, sweet memories under the shade of it's trees.


  1. Oh gosh the way you described it made me DROOLLLL.. It sounds delicious!!!

    <3 Belly B

  2. this post was just perfect. i loved the way you wrote it. sounds so juicy and delicious! there's nothing like fresh, decadent fruit!

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  4. woah, i hardly eat fruits :x

  5. ooh mangoes. yea im not a fruity person either (i find the sour-ness of citrus fruit too intense and i just don't get on with most fruit that aren't berries) but mangoes and peaches i do like. where i am in the uk they are pretty hard to get though. p.s. i do find myself loving your blog (and you) more and more, even more so then when i first started reading :) do keep blogging!x

  6. i love fruits too! the sweetness, the scents...wonderful.

  7. Such a lovely post!
    I love fruit and you made this sound so delicious.

    Thanks for you comments on my blog!
    I'm now your new follower, would love for you to follow me back.

    Abigail x


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