Monday, June 27, 2011

counting your blessings

some times great lessons come in little packages. they are not necessarily nicely wrapped, like an engagement ring that you recognize right away. and sometimes they are not pretty at all or even easy to unwrap. but nonetheless the reward within, it's worth opening. i enjoy getting these little treasures, but unfortunately i dont recognize their worth until ive gone through the process of discovering them. unwrapping them. analyzing them and then truly acknowledging how they've changed me. it's like God intended to make some rewards difficult to attain, because in that difficulty, in that struggle, you pay a price for a reward. and once that price is paid, that thing you worked for, has an unmeasurable price. it's priceless. you've earned it with your work and determination. this weekend i enjoyed one of those little surprises. and it came in the form of a little church, in literally a-whole-in-the-wall. no offense intended. the place was so little, packed with fervent worshipers, lacking proper AC, lacking projectors, appropriate sound equipment and instruments (as perhaps we would assume in comparison to our own church), and using the hallway of the small plaza crowded with businesses as their fellowship hall. of course the service occurred at night, allowing them the liberty to do that. and i was so impressed by the humility these believers showed as they celebrated joyfully their three year anniversary in this same location. and i know their road and struggle has not been easy, but they remain faithful. jp and i were invited to sing and share a moment of worship with them.

but in reality they were the ones to gift me a special moment as i was passed on this little treasure i would call gratitude. and this little  box has just been opened and there's still much more left to unwrap as i reach the true value of this gift. of the ability to be grateful for all things during all circumstances. but also as i learn to count the blessings i have in my life that i dont appreciate enough, like been able to worship God every sunday in ample space with cool air conditioning and no sweat to distract me. and it encouraged me to move forward with what has become a two-week decluterring streak in my room. ive been slowly working my way simplifying and giving away some things. little did i know that boxes and tons of bags later i'd stil be left with too much. "too-much" that i often labeled as not-enough. but this little church shed some light and moved me to see my blessings for what they are worth and share them with those who lack so much.


  1. look at you worshiping the Lord! that's great! i used to be a choir conducter at the church i used to attend. now i go to a different church.
    i totally agree with what you said. many simple blessings like a nice structured church, we take it for granted most of the times...

  2. wow! choir conducter. that's awesome.


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