Wednesday, April 20, 2011

everything is gonna be alright...

 these days ive been so busy that ive haven't had a chance to be around here as often as i would like. as you may know ive been working on music for the last two months and it's been quite a ride. but God has carried me through it all! ive truly enjoyed seeing God's hand at work.

anyhow, i thought i show you a look from the weekend and my sort of sleepy face with new hair style included. what do you think?
btw, this has to be one my favorites bags... anything purple usually takes my heart. :)

and... finally here are the answers to the award buddy-blogger Kate gave me a few days back. thanks Kate, you are doll!! 

10 things about me
pass on to 10 blogs & notify them

1. I really love coffee. And I need to quit. unfortunately. Or at least cut back... 
2. in the shower, when washing my hair, it's when the light bulb goes off. great ideas flow, revelation comes, problems are solved... it must be the shampoo.
3. contrary to my parents believe, ive actually turned into a pretty neat person, most of the time. and i actually enjoy cleaning. guess their days of strict cleaning policies worked... years later.
4. solitaire is my buddy.
5. i love homemade sandwiches. with hot chocolate or coffee. while blogging or reading a book. aaah
6. it took me like 4 attempts to get my license. driving was my biggest fear conquered to this day.
7. im actually really shy... but ive overcomed a lot of it.
8. i tend to be very private... and i believe in a little bit of mystery with some things.
9. John Frieda and my curls are best buddies. 
10. i look forward to having a nice house to grow old in (house should include two floors, a nice patio, balcony in my room with a nice view, big kitchen, a grand piano in the living area and maybe a dalmatian) .... future husband take note.

... hope i didn't bore you. i pass this one to:

ps: thanks julie for these photos!


  1. ahhh! you look gorgeous! I love how they turned out you pretty girl ;) and you seriously have to keep doing this to your hair (thanks to your shampoo!)

    and #5! I love doing that.

    congrats on the award by the way!

  2. I love your dress :)

    & yes, the photo was taken at Chilis, you should try the chocolate molten. I hate chain restaurants but I usually go to chilis for their deserts

  3. That dress really suits you... love it... I can't wait to hear the final product of all your and JP's hard work on the album.

    - #1 fan

  4. I adore your dress! Its so classic yet so unique and its oh so figure flattering! You look adorable :)

  5. what a lovely dress! very pretty :) congrats on the award as well!

  6. Thanks for the comment!

    You look so gorgeous dear! This is a great outfit, super cute. :D
    And sweet and fun facts about you! :)

  7. super cute outfit!!i am having a giveaway on my blog, that is perfect for spring&summer! a RAD BIKINI by a young Mexican designeer! check it out, you wont be disappointed ♥ i promise!

  8. I love your dress, it's so cute!

    Congrats on conquering your fear of driving! I'm totally afraid of driving too, but I've come to the conclusion that it is a necessary skill that I will need to learn this summer!

  9. PS- I tagged you on my blog for something ;)


  10. i love your dress! the heels are so cute!

  11. I enjoyed reading about you! Contrary to my parents, I've actually turned into a neat freak! When I was a child I was soo messy, I would leave my things everywhere. Sometimes, they still don't believe I've reformed :)

  12. thanks for passing this award on to me!! i feel so honored! i love your style too.

  13. that dress is sooo cute!

  14. Lovely dress - simple but chic :)


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