Thursday, March 10, 2011

things I love...

1. God. He just blows me away with his love for me.
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2. Journals. I’ve kept journals (diaries) since middle school. It never gets old. First diary was given to me by my bus driver back in the Garden State. I wish I knew where she was. Made a huge difference in my life.
(Below: this is not one I own, but would love to have)
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3. Singing with a friend. Being able to sing in tune it’s a gift from heaven. To make music with a great friend it’s priceless. I love seeing how our voices work really great and the results, which (in my opinion), are mesmerizing. Thanks J for letting me sing with you!

4. Hot chocolate. Man do I love this hot drink. I enjoy it especially at night before bed. I try to not do it often, but it’s just so awesome. It’s warmth. It’s sweetness. The milk mustache afterwards. Aah!
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5. Reading. I have a bookshelf that keeps growing. And growing. Ever since I was young I envisioned having a sort of “home library” like the one in Beauty and the Beast. That’s my dream, although it seems like it would take a lot of work to keep them organized and dustless.
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6. My iPod. It carries tons of music I love and it saves me during boring traffic. Oh and those podcasts. Best invention ever. Thank you Apple, Inc.
7. Silent times. I would’ve said long walks on the beach, but I just really enjoy being alone with nature. I can think better, feel the breeze, and feel God’s love. It’s refreshment in the middle of busyness.
(This is me at the secret location I get away to!)
8. Movies. Rentals that is. There is no better feeling than re-watching a movie you love, at home. Under a blanket. With ice cream in hand.
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9. My spiritual parents. I wouldn’t make it without them. My church family has been so awesome all these years. It’s my second home.
10. Family & friends. Had to put them in one category because the two interchange. Some friends are more like family. Some family members become great friends. I’ve had many of both and I’ve been blessed with an incredible amount of people that are not biologically related to me, but make me part of their family and love me as such. Thanks all of you. You know who you are.
(Finding an all-inclusive photo was hard, so I picked a few that I really like.
Apologies to those whose pic is not here... ILU!).
PS: Kinda got carried away with the pictures, but, pictures say more than words can! ♥


  1. church is the best:) God is love.. and amazing. are you a friend of Julie? such a coincedence. I read a her blog;)

  2. Hi Cylia. Thanks for your comment. Yes, Julie is good friend. She just added a post about our beach day... :)


  3. I'm one of those who missed out in the pics hehehe but I know you love me! :) (you better, JK!) okay, enough jokes. that picture of kari and willy is beautiful along with all the other ones :) and of course, I can relate to a lot of these. I'm glad we have Christ in common! He's what keeps any relationship alive and going ♥

  4. Love these pictures!


  5. I couldn't agree more with 1, 2, and 5 <3

  6. I love this list, specially the journal, movie rental, quiet time, reading --> All of this "I love."

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I think you have a pretty-awesome blog yourself. I enjoyed reading your profile (about you) section. Very nice, very nice!

    God bless :)

  7. Such a sweet little tribute post. Especially love the hot chocolate. :)



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