Wednesday, March 16, 2011

silence is freeing

i recently found these photos that commemorate the morning i decided to just drive and get away. i remember being in real need for quiet in my mind and spirit. i was feeling a bit overwhelmed with the many things going on in my life. and i was surrounded by all the noise of frustrations. weariness. sickness. i needed a moment to pause and listen and think. that day i discovered the beauty of silence and how much i need it. and that sometimes we have to make an effort to enjoy it and get away from it all. it's necessary, you know. to just get away from the busy streets. sit by the water. journal and pen in hand. ready to document it all. taking the thoughts housed in the mind and silencing them. setting them free. only allowing to remain whatever is good. whatever is noble. whatever is right. And also being ready to talk to God. to talk about surrender. even if it means losing the war. relaxing the muscles that are tense. serenading the soul with the sound of the waves. and just sitting. waiting. listening. indulging in nature's sweet melody. aah so liberating. i certainly need more days like these.


  1. you can definitely sense the serenity in these beautiful pictures :) I should really try doing that someday.. I think everyone needs that at one point or another. I know I do. awesome post ♥

  2. these pictures are glorious! i just love their calm. you are such a beautiful soul, and it really shines through. glad you were able to get away:)

  3. aww thank you for your comment it really encourages me. :)

    and julie, would love to take you to my secret place some time.

  4. you know I'm down! :) we could even have a picnic, hehe :p


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